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We are pleased to welcome you to our website and are pleased with your interest in our company. A new regulation on the protection of personal data, applicable from May 25, 2018, requires us to set up a privacy policy.

To find out more about the "General Data Protection Regulation", you can consult the following link:

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Collection and processing of personal data

On the entire website" ,your personal data are collected, stored or processed only to the extent permitted by law or if you have given us your consent. You will find in this data protection statement detailed information about all the services that are offered on the site and that deal with personal data.

We obtain data following the use of our services

Some personal data is already produced automatically and for technical reasons when you come to our web pages. Each of your accesses on a web page of our offer and each call of a file (for example, PDF data sheet), the procedure produces access data on our server. This concerns the following information:

  • the page from which you access our site
  • la page d'où le fichier ou la page a été demandé
  • the page from where the file or page was requested
  • the date and time of the request
  • the amount of data transmitted
  • l'état de l'accès (fichier transmis, fichier introuvable, etc.)
  • the state of the access (transmitted file, file not found, etc.)
  • the IP address assigned to you by your service provider, to the extent that it is technically necessary for the operation.

This information is not stored by our server. The personal data of behavior of the user are exploited on our Internet site only to the extent that you fill the form of contact or the request form of estimate.

Data transmission

S.A.S. FRANCE does not transmit to third parties the personal data collected during the use of its website.


Cookies are small files in which a text string is saved. This string contains some information in clear or coded. Cookies are sent by the server to your computer which records them. They are first used to identify the computer from which an Internet page was called. Each cookie is assigned an expiration date from which it is no longer valid. Cookies can reconstruct a user's journey on different pages of a website but also its passage on different pages beyond his visit. It is also possible, using cookies, to improve the communication between our server and your computer and thereby make you more comfortable using our website. Cookies do not only come from the site operator, they can also be submitted by related third parties (eg linking to social media networks or video platforms). Your browser offers you the possibility to display the cookies stored on your computer, delete them or set your browsing to save only certain cookies, or to prohibit the registration of all cookies. However, we draw your attention to the fact that certain functions will no longer be available or will not be performed correctly if you deactivate the registration of cookies.


You retain control of all personal data that you put online at the disposal of S.A.S. FRANCE. We will be happy to provide you with any personal data that we may retain with you, free of charge, if you so request. You can also ask us to erase the data concerning you registered with us to the extent that they are not necessary for the conduct of contractual relations between you and us and if the law does not oblige us to keep them.

In this case, please send your request to the following email address:

For more information about your rights regarding data protection, you can consult the following link :


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